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[21.12.10] Future Music Magazine Issue 234 December 2010 iso (en)

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Future Music Magazine Issue 234 December 2010 HYBRID DVDR | 2.30 GB

Video: mpeg4, (H264) yuv420p .mov | 1280x720, 24.00 fps | Audio: AAC, 48000 Hz

Genre: Music Magazine DVDR-ROM, eLearning


The debate about 'proper music' versus 'everything else' is something we strictly steer clear of. If it sounds good, we love it. Where we will indulge in a little 'muso' however is to express our sheer joy when notes come together and just work. It might be a stacked and detuned sawtooth, or a sample of a chainsaw, but when notes meet and magic results, then we just can't get enough.


Hence our Create The Perfect Tune feature this issue â it's the key to your keyboard! By following a few basic rules then straying from our examples in your own unique way we guarantee you'll have a new tune in no time. And don't miss our Toolkit on the DVD. There's audio and MIDI files so even if your strictly hands-off, a few click-and-drags is all you need to make new music. Try it.


Meanwhile Richie Hawtin's Plastikman Live rig may be beyond the dreams of mere mortals but our feature in the mag and video on DVD will open your eyes to what is really possible and what you can really do with new tech.


And dishing the studio knowledge is massive Beatport star Umek. His in-depth breakdown of two tracks (and bass sound construction) will set you on your own path to greatness. And with Count & Sinden, the new Traktor Kontrol S4 and some amazing new plug-ins completing the mag, we've another classic on our hands. Hope you like it.


And to whet your appetite here are trailers for our exclusive Umek and Richie Hawtin videos. Remember: The full length versions are only on our DVD!











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Zawartośc DVD to przedewszystkim sample , ale sa tak.że 3 filmiki w których Umek przedstawia ze swojego studia jak tworzy muzyke oraz porady jego .

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