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Hip Hop Beats and MPC Samples (2013)

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Raw Cutz brings the creative sampling techniques of the past into the future, with a fresh blend of inspirational Hip Hop sounds and samples created using vintage techniques and equipment to bring you the authentic sound of the underground.


Rawpacks 1 â 3 is a cool collection of samples from iLL Spark, the whizz kid from Brooklyn â inspired by Mad Lib, J Dilla and other seminal Hip Hop acts including Gangstarr and Tribe Called Quest. This pack contains his first three packs for Raw Cutz â âBlow The Spotâ, âThe Big Dreamerâ, and âShapeshifterâ.


Blow the Spot is a fresh and original uplifting sample collection including jazzy horns, inspirational hits, flutes, rhodes fx, soulful tones, diva vocal fx, vibes, sax and guitars. For punchy uplifting producers this is a great collection of inspirational moments, melodies and madness.


The Big Dreamer is a punchy, warm and crafty collection of full, sweet samples - which includes tons of sax and flute, dreamy fx, swooshes, hits, drops and atmospheric chords and tones. Soulful, dreamy hip hop producers will dig the vibes on display in this pack every time.


Shapeshifter is the new collection with a raw punch of funk, groovy samples including fat basses, clear rhodes, atmospheric flutes, plucked guitar fx, deep tones, cool saxes, double bass and one shot vocals.


Within this pack producers should expect to find 30 Hip Hop Breaks, 288 Inspirational Musical Samples, 60 Kick Drums, 40 Snare Drums, 25 Hi Hats, plus 30 Rex2 Samples. is the new hip hop sample label from the people behind Loopmasters and Equipped Music, responsible for titles including Smokers Delight, Premier Beats and Hip Hop Instrumentals â a fresh approach to providing you with the raw building blocks to create inspirational and original music.


Included in each pack you will find a great selection of Kicks, Snares, Hats and inspirational one shot musical sounds that will inspire you to create new music from the dusty sounds of the past, all processed through vintage machines including the SP1200, MPC range and musical EQs and compressors.


Tech Specs:


24 Bit Quality





30 Hip Hop Breaks

288 Music Samples

60 Kick Samples

40 Snare Drums

25 Hi Hat & Percussion Samples

30 Rex2 Loops




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